Sep. 21st, 2009

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Well, that was one heck of a decent weekend, if by "weekend" you mean some arbitrary number of days toward the end of the week which might begin on, say, Thursday, when [ profile] windbourne took me to a preview screening of Zombieland, which is now, seriously, one of my favorite movies ever. Even though I spent most if thinking, "You poor bastards couldn't get Michael Cera, huh?" 'Cause the lead character is totally a Michael Cera character, even if he was in fact played by Jesse Eisenberg. But, yeah, this movie is all kinds of fun.

Friday I didn't really do anything, except finally try Bluefin, which was both surprisingly good and startlingly over-priced.

Saturday, [ profile] retcon and I went down to the Puyallup Fair. Slightly cornball idea, but we could both stand to get out of the house, so I thought I'd suggest it. We had a great time. I went with the intention of going on rides that were outside of my comfort zone, and that was kind of awesome. (Riff, on seeing me hook my glasses in my shirt collar: "You might want to put those in your pocket. This ride goes upside-down." Me: "Oh, okay -- wait, what?") We ate Inappropriate Food and walked around looking at stupid shopping-channel type crap and at animals. Although we didn't spend long looking at the horses, because we both lack the genetic component that makes you interested in horses. Namely, a double-X chromosome.

Afterwards, we went and did a little thrifting, to prepare for going out to the Mercury for "Class", a school-themed night. Riff put together basically an Angus Young outfit, a look that worked way, way better for him than it really should. I grabbed some black shorts, a red plaid tie and a gray sweater-vest, and in a stroke of what modesty forbids me from admitting was pure genius, a couple of Cliff's Notes.

I went home and finished the outfit off with some tall boots, a white button-down shirt, a gray blazer with a school-uniform-looking patch on it, and various pins and badges. I looked adorable. I spent the evening clutching the books to my chest like a shield and cringing and apologizing for being in the way. I didn't think it was possible to have that much fun being anxious and socially awkward. I was threatened by bullies, unsuccessfully hid my cigarette from teachers, and had a cute girl tell me she'd pay me to write a paper for her. It was so. Much. Fun. I can't even tell you.

Then on Sunday, Ahna and I went to see the Pet Shop Boys. And right now, you're just mildly thinking, "Oh, right, that band who did West End Girls, oh, that's nice," and that's because you haven't been to one of their concerts. They put on an amazing stage show, with multiple costume changes and dancers with insanely great choreography and digitally-projected computer animation and -- it's more performance art than just "a concert". A full-on spectacle. You totally need to go the next time they come through town.

.... And the weekend's not over yet, apparently. Tomorrow night, I'm going to go see "Wicked" again, this time with [ profile] elocinnuala, which is going to be awesome.


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