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After five days of being trapped in SIXBOX -- those of you who've been there know it's at the bottom of a steep driveway, and is therefore damn near impossible to walk out of if there's snow and ice -- I decided I was getting out of there if it killed me.

SIXBOX is less than habitable right now. The carpet in the dining room was torn up after the flooding, leaving cold bare concrete; I've taken everything off the walls, getting ready to paint; I've torn out my crappy old bookshelves so I can paint that wall, too, and replace them with something better, and consequently, there's an enormous pile of books in the middle of the floor; all the rest of my belongings are scattered around in disarray; and I haven't really tried to keep the place clean otherwise, because Jesus, why bother? So it looks kind of like London after the Nazis were done with it. And with the piles of snow outside and the overall feeling of isolation, I was beginning to feel like the 'BOX had turned into the Overlook Hotel. (If my cat had started talking to his finger, then I would know I was in trouble.)

(Oh, also, my job would really like to have me come into the office one of these days. Apparently, my boss wants me there badly enough that he said he'd pay for a hotel room if I got stuck on the East side -- which, yeah, is exactly how I want to spend Xmas Eve. What do I look like, Bob Cratchit?)

So, yeah. Getting the hell out of Dodge. There's supposed to be even more snow tonight/tomorrow morning, and if I didn't want to be stuck there during Xmas, I figured this might be my last chance. *dramatic music*

One of my neighbors saw me heading determinedly toward my car, and asked in horror, "You're not trying to get out, are you?" Apparently, he had tried earlier this evening. Shoveling himself out, maneuvering out of his space, trying to get up the hill, burning rubber, failing, and maneuvering back into his space took approximately an hour and a half.

I ignored his doomsaying and piled my car with food and Xmas presents, and took a snow shovel to its exterior. Never had to do that before.

God bless my little Subaru. I might miss my truck sometimes -- okay, often -- but it never could have made it out of the driveway in these conditions. The Subaru, with its low center of gravity, and its all-wheel drive, had a couple of minor false starts, but otherwise managed it just fine. That was, as I knew it would be, the worst part. Streets were not terrible and the freeway was pretty clear, so I made it to the U-District just fine. I'm meeting Ahna here at the Sureshot, and we're gonna go have dinner at a restaurant, so I can eat something that didn't come out of a can. I can't wait. I'll be staying at her place tonight, natch. It'll be nice to have someone around who can do more than meow.

My family have postponed their celebrations until the weekend, so I'm going to actually get to spend Xmas with Ahna for the first time. That kinda makes all this worth it.

Oh, yes, and to everyone who gave me their address so I could send them Xmas cards -- I'm so sorry, but I just haven't had a chance to mail them; I'm sure you understand. I will almost certainly be making them out on Xmas day and sending them out on Boxing Day.


Oct. 13th, 2008 01:05 pm
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Been a while since I last posted, a lot going on. Let me try to get you up to speed.

I went to Florida, weekend before last. Did I mention I was going? I can't remember. Anyway, [ profile] retcon has been trying for years to get me to fly down to Florida with him, both for Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights, and to visit our friend [ profile] lokheed, who moved there a few years ago. This year, there was extra reason to go -- to be there for the last night of Disney World's Pleasure Island. I finally had the money to actually make the trip, and to bring [ profile] windbourne with me, too.

(My bosses not only let me go, but gave me a bonus so I'd "have a little spending money for the trip." I'm still boggling over that one.)

Our trip was ten pounds of fun in a five-pound bag. We went on the rides at Universal Studios (everything from the classic Jaws to the new Simpsons ride) and the aforementioned Horror Nights -- multiple different haunted houses on the studio grounds, most of them pretty awesome -- on Friday, Disney World on Saturday, and Epcot on Sunday.

Long-time readers of my journal may recall my disappointment at the fact that the Haunted Mansion was closed on my trip to Disneyland. So this time I went through it twice, once for this trip and once for the missed chance.

Pleasure Island was -- fine, I guess. The line for The Adventurers Club, which everyone had been recommending to me, was ridiculously immense, and so we didn't even make it inside. Riff's favorite dance club there, Mannequins, was actually just too overwhelming for me to take -- the volume, the lights, the crowds -- my ADD-rattled little brain couldn't prioritize the inputs, basically, so Ahna and I left him there to dance, had a late dinner at the Raglan Road Irish Pub, and wandered around a bit.

We had a much better time the next day at Epcot, even though it was a little strange to be there. I haven't been since I was -- thirteen? Fourteen? We started with Spaceship Earth and it's still exclaiming how awesome the future's gonna be, with its spaceships and space stations and everything. Realizing that I was no closer to that day than I was twenty years ago was pretty depressing. I cheered up shortly afterward, but it still left me with kind of a strange feeling.

Thursday and Monday were spent almost entirely on planes. I've been terrified of heights for years, and so was a neurotic wreck on the trip down -- having to immediately look straight ahead and down if I so much as accidentally glanced out the window -- and for most of the trip back. Until one point where I woke up after a short nap, and was facing the window, and just kind of went -- "Huh." I was looking down at clouds and was totally okay with it. I was even able to keep looking out the window during our landing. It's like a switch flipped in my head for no reason. I'm not complaining.


Sep. 24th, 2008 03:42 pm
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I've seen several of my web-dev friends pondering what technical skill they should learn next, and friends, I've come down from the mountains to tell you:

Learn jQuery.
"jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript."
They're not even kidding. I've been able to slap together some pretty impressive drag-and-drop functionality for the next version of CourtTrax's core product -- I saw people's mouths literally hanging open at the presentation I gave to the company this afternoon -- and it was all so damn *easy* I almost feel *embarassed* for taking credit for it.

So, yeah. Go learn jQuery, seriously. ([ profile] leenerella, I'm especially looking at you here.)


Aug. 29th, 2008 01:35 pm
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I keep forgetting to mention, but I finished my website redesign for my new employers, CourtTrax. Let me know what you think.

In other news, I broke down and started a Twitter account yesterday. I'm icebluenothing there, as well. I keep having stray thoughts I want to get out of my head that are too tiny to bother to make an LJ post about, and until now I've been using my "status" on Facebook for such things, but I've gradually reached a point where that was pretty much the only thing I was doing on Facebook, so, yeah. I'm probably just going to use Twitter instead and let my Facebook account languish. If you've got a Twitter account, let me know.


Jun. 24th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Six months ago:

My health and energy levels almost completely collapse. I had been spending most of my days off in bed because I couldn't make myself care about anything long enough to stay awake for it. The answer finally turns out to be buproprion, an atypical antidepressant. After spending a couple of weeks as a batshit-insane, impatient, hyper-lucid speed freak, my neurochemistry levels off and settles down to a perfectly functional level.

Three months ago, almost to the day:

I quit my job. This is kind of a big deal; I've been working there off and on (but mostly on) for about four years now. (I don't really want to go into my reasons for leaving, but you can ask me privately off-line, if you like.)

I'm sure I'll be able to find another job easily enough, and in I do manage to keep myself focussed and actively looking better than I have in the past, but it's still fairly spotty. Bursts of frenetic activity interspersed with periods of apathy and despair, and occasional stretches of being "almost sure" I'm going to get some particular job, and therefore not really looking for any others.

I keep busy. I go on several interviews, most of them with recruiters rather than directly with companies. I work on a ton of websites. Aware that what I laughably call my "savings" won't last forever, I start building steampunk toy gun mods, with the intention of selling them on eBay. They look great, but I entirely fail to follow through with this.

Two-and-a-half months ago:

Thanks to [ profile] wendolen (I owe you dinner for this), I land a one-shot paying gig -- building a demo version of a hush-hush new project from the guys who launched Manifesto Games. Knowing that I'm at least doing something that will eventually generate income isn't quite as nice as, you know, actually having money, but it does help to keep my spirits up.

Two months ago:

Months of unpaid electricity bills catch up to me, and the power to SIXBOX gets shut off. Aside from a few scattered nights spent at home in my very dark condo, I practically live with Ahna and Lars from that point on.

Two weeks ago:

I run out of money completely. I survive by selling off some books and some CDs, scrounging together every tiny bit of spare change I have, and eating mostly ramen and peanut butter sandwiches. (In fact, I've been eating a lot less in general for the past couple of months, and it's starting to show -- I've lost something like twenty pounds. Poverty apparently agrees with me.)

Friends start asking me, couldn't you ask your mother for money? Yeah, I'm sure I could. That's not really the point. I'm not going to be able to rely on her to rescue me forever; I have to teach myself that actions have consequences.

I start relying on Ahna using her credit cards -- since I don't have any -- to pay off the bills I can't ignore, like the phone and car insurance, with the promise that I will pay her back as soon as the check from Manifesto Games arrives. Ahna continues to be patient and loving and generally entirely awesome.

Last week:

I have my second interview with a company called CourtTrax. They have a web service that provides real-time searches of court records, which sounds to me like a good match with my experience. Like the first interview, it goes extremely well.

The very next day:

They offer me the job. I accept. Go take a long, last look at their website -- completely redesigning it will be one of my first tasks. I'll be making three-and-a-half times the amount I was making at Blue Utopia. I'll have full coverage -- medical, dental and vision.

Four days ago:

I wrap things up with the Manifesto Games project and send them an invoice.


My first day at CourtTrax.

I will have everything I need for my life to begin again.


May. 1st, 2007 03:04 pm
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My boss is back in town, and I'm back at his office again, and I'll still be doing some telecommuting, but not doing it constantly anymore, and I'm much happier working today than I have been in some time.

I know what a big part of the problem is:

I am deeply, strongly, heavily reliant on non-verbal feedback during a conversation. Ironically enough, although I'm a writer, the words are only half of the transaction. I need your tone of voice, your body language, your eye contact (or the lack thereof). Without it, I can't tell if you're lying, exaggerating, happy, unhappy, ready to wring my neck .... I can't tell if I'm understanding you correctly, or if I'm being understood.

This is why I don't like talking on the phone in general. It's like trying to carry on a conversation while wearing a diving helmet. But when I'm talking to someone who controls my paycheck, trying to tell the difference between "I'm mildly put out right now" and "I'm thirty seconds away from firing your ass" becomes a wee bit more stressful.


Feb. 28th, 2006 02:27 pm
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Various quick updates:

  • My old cell phone is dead. If you've been trying to call me and getting constant busy signals, that would be why. I have a new cell phone; if you feel like you ought to have the number, and you don't, send me mail.

  • I'm not working at Office Max any more. I had an emergency come up while doing some web work for Blue Utopia, and I had to call into Office Max to let them know I wasn't going to be able to make it in that evening. Long story short -- my supervisor was okay with this, but the store manager wasn't, and told her to cut my hours as punishment.

    I swore this would be a one-time thing -- that I would only go work for Blue Utopia on my days off, so that this situation couldn't arise again. But my word wasn't good enough, so I left. I'm greatly annoyed that I was being penalized for telling the truth -- if I'd lied and called in sick, everything would have been fine. I also don't really respond well to jobs that act like authority figures -- a job should be an environment of mutual trust and respect.

    Anyway, enough of that. They treated me like crap and I'm gone. I do miss working with [ profile] saheeb138 and [ profile] endorphan, though.

  • I have an interview on Thursday with PLY Interactive (formerly SHIFTdigital). I had a phone interview with them a week or two ago, and I wasn't sure how well I did, but apparently well enough. I really, really want this job -- it would mean working for a design house again, doing web application development for various clients, fun fun fun. Their client list makes me swoon and fan myself. Cross your fingers for me.

  • And since they want to see code samples, I'm doing a major overhaul on one of my big personal projects, the Seattle weblog portal. The eventual goal, here, is to allow anyone to make a weblog portal for their own city. The new codebase will go live over at when I'm done with it, which should be Quite Soon.

  • I've been wanting to eat healthier lately. I mean, I've actually been craving stuff with, like, sprouts 'n' tempeh 'n' shit. No, rly. Srsly. And I've started feeling like crap when I eat the kind of things I normally eat. I think this is because I'm on new medication for my triglycerides. If so, well, awesome. Are there pills that will make me want to do dishes and clean my apartment?

  • I finally got to see Sapphire and Steel. I found this at Scarecrow last night -- I didn't even know it was out on DVD. I've been wanting to see this series since I was about thirteen -- a British science-fiction series starring Joanna Lumley and David McCallum as mysterious telepathic operatives? With weird, claustrophobic, surreal, Lovecraftian plots about threats from outside of Time? Yes, please! I've only had a chance to watch the first three episodes so far, but I like it just as much as I always thought I would.

  • My old friend [ profile] mcglk is on LiveJournal now. I haven't see Ken regularly in years, not since the days I was a young impressionable kollej stoodint and he was the cool, witty, older geek I idolized. I knew him through a BBS at the UW, and I've missed his presence online. Good to have that back.

  • Dreadwood was pretty entertaining, even though I was in a lousy mood for most of it. I'm going to be back out at the Mercury tonight for the Mardi Gras pot luck, accompanied by [ profile] windbourne and a big pot of gumbo. You should come out.


Jul. 15th, 2005 11:31 am
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"1. Must demonstrate a Customer First perspective and fully participate in the Boundless Selling culture." -- OfficeMax Print & Document Services Associate Job Description

Here we go -- back down the rabbit hole of modern corporate life. Barring anything going horribly wrong with my drug screen1 or my background check, I've got the job, and should start sometime next week.

1. I always swore I'd never pee in a cup to get a job. *shrug* Food first, ethics later.


Jul. 14th, 2005 08:41 pm
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.... And then the roller-coaster swings around, and my life goes back from suck to awesome. In no particular order:

  • I've been doing a few days work here and there for Trace again, the same person I was working for last year, and he thinks he's going to have a lot more hours for me in the not-too-distant future, which is excellent.
  • Had much fun at [ profile] endorphan's birthday.
  • Also had a very pleasant evening on [ profile] bhaiku's birthday.
  • The new car, a 1995 Subaru Impreza, is entirely awesome. I'm sure I'll miss my truck, but my new love is helping me get over it in a big, big hurry. It has such amazing luxury features as:
    • A driver's side door that closes all the way
    • A driver's side window that's not constantly slipping out of its track
    • A working interior dome light
    • Working A/C
    • A passenger's side seatbelt that works consistently
    • A tape player!
    • Reverse gear!
    It's also mad sexy.
  • I should have a day job soon, to keep me eating between bouts of working for Trace, thanks to [ profile] saheeb138. I have a second interview tomorrow at the copy center of the Office Max he works at, and that practically guarantees I have the job.
  • Someone I don't even know emailed me out of the blue and asked if I'd do some freelance CGI work for them. I said yes, of course.
  • [ profile] imsosquare gave me the low-down on how to get cheap dental work. Thanks, sweetie!
  • [ profile] windbourne continues to be unimaginably awesome.
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.... I just got a raise.


Aug. 9th, 2004 08:27 pm
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I got it. I got the job. I guess I really am a rock star.
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So Thursday morning I had a job interview, and they offered me a contract. Cross your fingers for me -- at this point, it's more like an audition than a job: they're not sure if I have the technical skill they need, so they want me to work for a couple of days, see how it goes, and then keep me on if it goes well. Nerve-wracking, certainly, but exciting, and definitely worth quitting my job at JoAnn's for, since that was going to only last about another month anyway.

The job is with Blue Utopia, who are developing sites for Democratic candidates. The site I'm working on is, and I'm really excited about that, since Jay Inslee is one of the few politicians I actually give a damn about -- he really seems to grok the Internet and its issues and implications, and he's done a lot for privacy laws and the like.

The only reason they weren't sure about me is that their site -- which is currently kind of broken and needs a lot of work -- is written in PHP, and I've never worked in that language. I have, however, done a lot of work in Perl and some in ASP, and PHP has elements of both, so I was confident I could pick it up. I left the interview, had a celebratory lunch with [ profile] windbourne, and went and let myself into [ profile] retcon and [ profile] treebyleaf's apartment so I could use their 'Net connection to study PHP for several hours.

After the lovely dinner that [ profile] treebyleaf made, and after managing to stuff just enough knowledge of PHP into my brain to completely overwhelm and terrify me and convince me I was totally in over my head, I went home. Needed an early night, after all. Needed to get my sleep, for the first day at a new job, especially where I'd have to be concentrating a great deal. Very important. Essential. I get to bed a little before 10:00pm.

At 11:30pm, [ profile] treebyleaf calls me, to see if I'd heard yet -- [ profile] josefinek had been found dead in her apartment. I had already heard, but I appreciated the call; I never knew [ profile] josefinek well at all, but I always liked her a great deal and enjoyed our few conversations. I can't believe, yet, that I'm not going to see her any more, studying some thick technical book at the Mercury, working to cure cancer while dressed to the nines. ... I have a little more alcohol and go back to bed.

At 2:30am, [ profile] monotmoe calls me. Can I take her to the hospital? She'd woken up with her back in intense pain, had called a medical hotline, and the nurse wanted her to go to the hospital, and she can't afford an ambulance. I quickly assess my condition -- yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm awake enough to drive safely, so, yeah, I head out.

I get there and she's in pretty bad shape. She needs to go to Harborview and she doesn't know where that is, so I look up the address and head out and try to find the place. I get there, not entirely directly, but without getting too lost, and we go in to the E.R. to talk to the triage nurse.

There's no one at the triage nurse's desk, so we wait about 45 minutes. Nothing for me to do but sit there, blink blearily, give her a shoulder to lean on, and watch the Wings marathon on Nick-at-Nite. I hope they can see her soon, I caught myself thinking, I need to get home and get some sleep .... But I stopped myself. Hey -- enough of that. Would Superman worry about having to get up in the morning? No, sir, he would not. Would Bruce Wayne? Would Hal Jordan?

The nurse finally came back, talked to the person ahead of us in line, and then saw Mo, got her info, went to get her a bed while Mo checked in. As they told Mo they were ready for her to come back, I apologized to her -- I had to get going, I couldn't stay any longer .... Mo understood and urged me to go get some sleep.

I get home at 5:00am. My alarm is set for 8:00am. Okay, I think. Okay. Three more hours. You can do that. You can be functional on three hours of sleep. I have some more alcohol, listen to some quiet music, try to relax, have some more alcohol, try to find a comfortable position, try not to think about how much I need to get to sleep ....

Eventually I must have drifted off. At 6:30am my cell phone rings. It's Mo again, calling to tell me she'd had some muscle relaxers and been sent home, and was safe and sound. (Now, I've told my friends repeatedly to call the cell phone at any hour, that it won't wake me, so I don't blame her in the least for this; my sleeping must have been very shallow for me to hear it.) I go to bed for the fourth and final time that night, and then my alarm rings at 8:00 and I head off to my new job.

And of course, I did just fine. I stayed awake, coherent, focused, and I was able to take completely unfamilar code and make it sit up and beg. I am, after all, a freakin' rock star.


May. 27th, 2004 06:01 pm
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I can mention this now -- I've known for a couple-few weeks, but now they've sent out postcards announcing the fact, so I don't have to stay quiet about it anymore.

The Lake Forest Park Jo-Ann Fabrics I work at is closing down. It, and the Lynnwood store, are combining into a new super-store up in Lynnwood. I haven't decided if I'm going to be going to the new store or not. Probably not. I've been really tired of this job anyway, frankly, so I think I should take this as a sign it's time to move on. If anyone has any decent job leads, let me know.

It's been kind of stressful and depressing the past couple of days, what with all these people coming in asking, "Are you really leaving?" A couple of customers seem happy about the new store, but the overwhelming majority are sad and frustrated at the move. (Mainly because of the location. To hear these people talk, you'd think Lynnwood was in Canada.)

On the bright side, no-one's mentioned training me on the cutting counter again, so maybe that idea's been dropped in the shuffle. *fingers crossed*

Oh, yeah, we're hiring a bunch of people to get us through the transition period/liquidation sales. They're desperate for people, so if you're looking for temporary work, come on by and apply. Tell 'em you know Six.
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Phone was ringing off the hook all damn morning, and I was ignoring it, and a couple of the calls were from work. I commented to [ profile] windbourne, whom I'd been having a perfectly lovely afternoon with, that I should really check my voicemail; maybe they're calling to tell me my shift was cancelled, right?

No such. No, they want me to come in a little early, and they seem desperate. Okay, I'll bite.

A little while after I call and say I'll do it -- thunder and lightning and hail, all at once and out of nowhere. Neat!

I should call them back, I thought, tell them this was a bad omen -- clearly, the gods were angry I was going in to work early. But I went.

Was almost immediately sorry I did. My manager told me, "you're getting trained on the cutting counter tonight."

I knew this was coming. They want everyone cross-trained. But I don't really want to do cutting counter work; I'm not good with fabric, I don't like it, I'm not interested, period. When I was hired (under the old manager, of course), it was with the understanding that I wouldn't have to work the counter, and this news had me actively plotting to find other work. Like, this week, if possible.

So I notice the lights flickering, and I'm thinking, Power outage. Please. Power outage.

Ahhh, the power of positive thinking. Before long, the lights died, emergency lights came up, sirens were going off, children were screaming and crying. We evacuated, I did what little work I could in the dark for a while, and then they sent us home.

That was not worth going in to work for. Oh, well.


Feb. 6th, 2004 05:05 pm
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There was finally enough sunlight today for me to be in a decent mood. I think I need full-spectrum lights, when I can afford them.

Watched the director's commentary of Near Dark today. You'd think someone who could make such a clever movie would have something interesting to say about it.

I have a little more money than I thought; I'm still screwed, but not as badly as I'd imagined. I took a bunch of books I'm not reading to Third Place and sold them there, for more money than I was expecting. I also picked up a job application; I'd love to work there.

I've only been working one shift a week lately. I learned today I was scheduled for two next week -- even though I can't make it to the second one (they scheduled me for a day I asked to have off weeks ago), it still gives me hope that my hours will improve.

Sat down for an hour and started writing up the synopsis of my novel, Still Life -- the typical package you send to an agent consists of a cover letter, synopsis, and the first three chapters. I've been dreading writing the synopsis because I haven't been convinced I could make it sound interesting, in short form, but I'm happy with what I've written so far. It just sings.

Thought I saw an old friend today -- turned out it wasn't her, but I'm glad I got up the nerve to ask.

Now I'm at [ profile] treebyleaf's place. I meant to pick her up so we could go to [ profile] monotmoe's birthday dinner, but she's not here, so I guess she's meeting me there.

I feel really good and hopeful today, the best I've felt in a while.

The half-dozen or so cups of coffee I've had today help too, I imagine.


Jan. 19th, 2004 05:12 pm
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Went to Rustycon this past Saturday, for the sake of going to [ profile] songhawk's memorial. The con was pretty sparsely attended, and the people who were there were, the vast majority of them, exactly the kind of people in fandom who set my teeth on edge. The memorial went better than I expected, though. Lot of fond stories and laughter.

Let's see, what else --

I got a huge ticket the other day for doing a U-turn off of a freeway on-ramp in the middle of the night; life without Net access has been easier to bear than I thought it would be; the new manager at JoAnn Fabrics has been a real bitch to me, and treebyleaf is quitting because of it, but personally I'm too damn mannerpunk to let the manager think she's worth quitting over; I'm not getting nearly enough hours and am back to being terrified about money all the time.

Went for a walk around Greenlake today. Dark clouds in the distance were threatening rain, but they never came near. All the trees are windblasted and skeletal still, but they look like they're starting to reach upward toward the sun. There was a scent on the wind I couldn't name, but it was fresh and bright.

For the first time in months, I believed Spring will someday come again.
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There are certain little monologues, little interior decision making processes, that go through my head over and over again, while I'm behind the register at work. Two, three, maybe fifty times a week.


Okay, next customer, start ringing her up --

Shit. Shit! I didn't say "hello!" How rude of me. Jesus.

Okay, now. Say it now. Look up and say hi. .... Okay, she's not looking. I can't get her attention, make eye contact with her, and THEN say hi, that would seem forced.

Okay, now she's looking this way. Say it. Say "hi." Now -- !

Wouldn't it seem weird to say it now, though, after, what, twenty seconds? More? While you're hesitating, it's going to be even longer. Fuck.

..... Okay, now the window of opportunity to make with the friendly greeting has completely passed by. At least look up. Smile.

Won't she wonder what the hell I'm smiling about -- ?

Okay, screw it, just finish ringing her up, give her the total, take her money, and now a big smile and "Thank you." You can do that.

Wait. What the hell is this freakish coin she's just handed me? Is this a Canadian quarter? A Susan B. Anthony dollar? A Norwegian krone? A Swiss franc?

.... Oh. It must be a new state quarter from West Dakota or somewhere. I could turn it over to look at the other side, but then I'd look like an idiot. Dammit.

Is there something uniquely wrong with me? Can everyone else in the country recognize a quarter purely by shape and size? I used to know what quarters looked like. I could remember a couple of exceptions here and there, the occasional Bicentennial quarter, sure, that's fine, but if I have to start keeping track of FIFTY exceptions, I'm going to go completely bugfuck --

Okay, fuck it. Everything bigger than a nickel is now automatically a quarter, amen and hallelujah. Into the drawer with you.

"Here you go! Thanks a lot!" And -- smile.

Okay. Done. Thank God.

.... Was that too big a smile? Did that seem forced?

.... Does everyone else have this much trouble with basic social interaction? Oh, wait, next customer --


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So one of my managers interrupted me today while I had a line of customers at the register to have me take a minute to sign the little corporate pledge wherein I solemnly acknowledge that the customer is always my first priority.

..... Is everyone but me on this planet completely monkeyfuck insane?


Sep. 6th, 2003 02:10 am
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Today was kind of a mixed bag.

One one hand, I now officially have a part-time job at JoAnn Fabrics. I start Wednesday. I've done a couple of short little fill-in stints for them before, and they asked this last time if I'd stay on. I told them I'd give them an answer when I was back from Oregon. I think they were pretty sure I'd say yes; they already had a name-badge made up for me. (It actually says "SIX" on it, which is very cool.) I feel kind of neutral about all this; it'll be nice to have an income, however modest, and I like the people there. I don't really like the work, though. I don't hate it, though, either, so that puts me ahead of a lot of working stiffs, I guess. I am firmly of the mind that This Is Only Temporary, so maybe this'll get me off my ass and make me look for a real job. But anyway -- yaaay, income.

On the other hand, I argued today with a telephone pole and lost. I was trying to get out of the way of someone who was trying to come down the alley I was coming out of, and I thought I had enough room, and I didn't. The right rear panel of my truck is one huge dent now. It's purely a cosmetic problem, but jeez.

On the third hand, I got to see [ profile] treebyleaf for a while today and help her pick out movies at Scarecrow.

On the fourth hand, I felt generally lousy enough by the time I got home from that outing that I just crawled into bed.

On the fifth hand, I did manage to crawl back out of bed and make myself dress up and go out to the club.

On the, uhh, sixth hand (nearly lost count there for a minute), there wasn't really anyone at the club I knew well enough to sit and have a real conversation with. I already knew that [ profile] hetaera15 wasn't going to make it out tonight, more's the pity, but I thought I'd see other friends. ([ profile] blackmaru did come over and talk to me for a little while, which was fun.)

On the seventh hand, I used the time at the club to sit and finish the short story I started writing while treebyleaf's surgery was going on. It's creeeeepy.


Jun. 3rd, 2003 11:48 am
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Okay. *deep breath*

I'm just about out of money. I desperately need a job.

I'm mainly looking for web design work, because that's where all my professional experience is, basically. I'm experienced with Perl CGI in Linux/Apache environments, I'm good with Photoshop, and I've designed and developed message boards, search tools, calendar applications, all kinds of fun stuff.

So. Yeah. Does anyone know anyone who's hiring? I'll take full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, anything at this point.

(I'm also totally open to non-web-related work, too, if it's something you think I could get hired for.)


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