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Lots of new web content streaming your way from the Michael Montoure multimedia empire:

  • Because you demanded it -- well, okay, because [ profile] treebyleaf demanded it -- my new weblog, Ravenlike, now has its own LiveJournal account. That means you can just add Ravenlike to your LJ friends. Ravenlike is where I'm doing all my writing about writing these days, so you may want to do that, if you're interested in that sort of thing. I've backdated all the older entries so they won't spam your friends page.

  • metafilter: remixed is a collaborative filter I've created for Metafilter. A lot of people find Metafilter a little too unwieldy to read through these days, and a lot of people also wish they had some better way of rewarding great posts other than just commenting "Great thread!" Some way of voting for good threads has come up several times as a suggested feature, but Matt hasn't had time to code it. This is my unofficial solution, intended as a proof of concept for such a voting system. Check it out.

  • The response to my comic strip has been so phenomenal that I think I'm going to continue it. My current plan is to sit down after Halloween and come up with a year's worth of strips, enough to run every week day, and then put them all up live. I'll post here when that launches. Thanks for all your comments.

  • Lastly, my site Bloodletters is the featured site this week on Wander-Lust, just in time for Halloween. Be sure to read the glowing review they wrote about it.


Oct. 26th, 2002 06:56 am
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Gosh, I must really love [ profile] treebyleaf. I can't imagine what else would get me out of bed at 4:50AM. But I couldn't countenance the idea of her taking a bus all the way out to the airport, what with how cold and foggy it's been lately.

I'm still startled at how time-efficient my thinking was when I first woke up. Turn on the oven for tree's breakfast, set up your coffee press, then shower .... I kind of wondered where in my mind these logical directives were coming from.

We'd had a good night the night before. I hadn't really been expecting that. I'd taken her to work yesterday morning, and got to see her "work-inappropriate" costume. "Adorable" isn't exactly how I would have described my reaction to it; my reaction would be, well, unprintable in a family publication, really. Wow.

I was expecting her to be tired and unhappy last night, but we had a nice dinner together, and I showed her how I made my comic and she helped me design even more characters; later we had a great conversation about the distinction between thrillers and horror, and I wish I had a transcript of it.

It was a good night; sheltered safe in the harbor of sheer denial, really. After a pleasant drive to the airport (always nice to drive on the freeway with no traffic), I dropped her at the entrance and watched her denial crack and fall away, as she headed off for the funeral.


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