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After five days of being trapped in SIXBOX -- those of you who've been there know it's at the bottom of a steep driveway, and is therefore damn near impossible to walk out of if there's snow and ice -- I decided I was getting out of there if it killed me.

SIXBOX is less than habitable right now. The carpet in the dining room was torn up after the flooding, leaving cold bare concrete; I've taken everything off the walls, getting ready to paint; I've torn out my crappy old bookshelves so I can paint that wall, too, and replace them with something better, and consequently, there's an enormous pile of books in the middle of the floor; all the rest of my belongings are scattered around in disarray; and I haven't really tried to keep the place clean otherwise, because Jesus, why bother? So it looks kind of like London after the Nazis were done with it. And with the piles of snow outside and the overall feeling of isolation, I was beginning to feel like the 'BOX had turned into the Overlook Hotel. (If my cat had started talking to his finger, then I would know I was in trouble.)

(Oh, also, my job would really like to have me come into the office one of these days. Apparently, my boss wants me there badly enough that he said he'd pay for a hotel room if I got stuck on the East side -- which, yeah, is exactly how I want to spend Xmas Eve. What do I look like, Bob Cratchit?)

So, yeah. Getting the hell out of Dodge. There's supposed to be even more snow tonight/tomorrow morning, and if I didn't want to be stuck there during Xmas, I figured this might be my last chance. *dramatic music*

One of my neighbors saw me heading determinedly toward my car, and asked in horror, "You're not trying to get out, are you?" Apparently, he had tried earlier this evening. Shoveling himself out, maneuvering out of his space, trying to get up the hill, burning rubber, failing, and maneuvering back into his space took approximately an hour and a half.

I ignored his doomsaying and piled my car with food and Xmas presents, and took a snow shovel to its exterior. Never had to do that before.

God bless my little Subaru. I might miss my truck sometimes -- okay, often -- but it never could have made it out of the driveway in these conditions. The Subaru, with its low center of gravity, and its all-wheel drive, had a couple of minor false starts, but otherwise managed it just fine. That was, as I knew it would be, the worst part. Streets were not terrible and the freeway was pretty clear, so I made it to the U-District just fine. I'm meeting Ahna here at the Sureshot, and we're gonna go have dinner at a restaurant, so I can eat something that didn't come out of a can. I can't wait. I'll be staying at her place tonight, natch. It'll be nice to have someone around who can do more than meow.

My family have postponed their celebrations until the weekend, so I'm going to actually get to spend Xmas with Ahna for the first time. That kinda makes all this worth it.

Oh, yes, and to everyone who gave me their address so I could send them Xmas cards -- I'm so sorry, but I just haven't had a chance to mail them; I'm sure you understand. I will almost certainly be making them out on Xmas day and sending them out on Boxing Day.
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Remember I said the police caught the guy who stole my car?

There's an article about him in the paper today:

23-year-old Liam Moynihan had been on a one-man crime wave, stealing more cars than anyone in King County history. Armed with only a screwdriver and hammer, they say, he jimmied his way into at least 136 vehicles during a six-month joyride of epic proportions.

From last November until his arrest in May, Moynihan allegedly stole enough cars to stock a good-sized dealership, averaging one theft every 32 hours.


Sep. 11th, 2006 01:18 pm
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I got a call this morning -- the police. Always a good way to wake up.

They have a suspect in custody who has admitted to stealing my car. And over a hundred and fifty other cars. They almost certainly won't need my testimony, but needed to confirm that I'd be willing to give it, if necessary. I am much pleased.


Apr. 7th, 2006 11:11 am
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Ohthankgod. They found my car.

The police called me around 9:30 last night and told me they'd found the car and had it towed. They scared the hell out of me, actually -- the report said that it "didn't appear to be in driveable condition," but the person who called me didn't have any more details than that. And neither did the guy at the towing yard they'd taken it to, when I called them. Oookay.

So I call [ profile] retcon, whom I'd been planning on seeing later that night anyway, and he comes to get me, and I spend the car ride down to the towing yard vacillating between unbridled joy and relief at having my car back, and blind hyperventilating panic at what condition it would be in when I got there.

Turns out it was nothing too major. The strip around my driver's side window was gone, of course, from when they jimmied into it, and the ignition had been ripped out of the steering column. [ profile] retcon was able to show me how to start the car with needle-nosed pliers. I think maybe he used to be a car thief. I mean, fuck, who knows.

Everything was still in the car! Yes, even my laptop!

We went out and bought The Club to lock the steering wheel with to try to keep this from happening again. *knocks wood*

God, I am so relieved, I can't even begin to tell you. Man.


Mar. 24th, 2006 01:30 pm
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My car was stolen.

Out of the parking lot of my own condo. Sometime between midnight and 9:00 on Wednesday morning.

So, yeah. I've been happier.

I called the police (I thought I'd mention that since everyone asks me that, when I tell them -- "Did you call the police?" Why, no! No, I never thought to! I just shrugged it off and went on with my day! Thanks for the vote of confidence in my mental acuity!), and the officer who came out and took my statement was pretty reassuring. He tells me that cars in cases like this are usually found abandoned in a couple of days, couple of weeks. So I'm holding out hope, here. My heart pounds whenever my phone rings.

I had a bunch of stuff in the back of the car -- nothing important, nothing crucial, just an accumulated pile of objects. I can't help but wonder if that didn't attract the thief. Trying to figure out if this is somehow my fault, I suppose.

Worst case scenario: if the car doesn't come back to me, I guess I get the truck fixed up after all. (I never did have it towed to a junk yard or anything.) That'll cost me, but it'll be cheaper than getting a new vehicle, I suppose. I didn't have the kind of insurance that would replace the car, so that's really my only option.

God knows I don't want to do without a vehicle. I didn't learn to drive until I was 30. I relied on buses and the kindness of friends all those years, and I hated it. Finally getting a car was like gaining a super-power. Suddenly, I had the ability to go anywhere!

Now, I feel crippled. This is an ongoing violation. I'm going to be one edgy bastard until this is resolved, one way or the other.

Think good thoughts for me.


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